SIAFD 2019 Exhibitor Updates

Useful information and updates for SIAFD 2019.

Exhibitor update - 8 March 2019

We are less three weeks out and it is all go at the site. We have started marking out sites, finished gravelling the main laneways, finished installing power boxes on the lines, and ordered the new sound system.


There was alot of confusion over the CPQ form and it is an area which I will improve on next time (design my own form).
If you have contractors setting up your site, or if your site involves anything that could cause harm such as: working at heights, heavy lifting, moving machinery, moving vehicles, hazardous chemicals, gas bottles onsite etc, then you need to send it back. The CPQ form can be found here.
If you are only displaying static equipment, services, or lifestyle wares, you should still send it back with N/A written on it and a note of what you are doing on your site. Then I can tick you off the list.
When you arrive on site to set up, one person from your site needs to view our hazard map and register and sign the form at the office, or at the loading ramp. They then need to relay the hazards to the rest of the team. Click to view our Hazard Map and List of Hazards.


Wednesday 13 March • Sites available for set-up (or earlier by arrangement)
Monday 18 March - Driver and telehandler available for unloading - just turn up and wait your turn
Friday 22 March to Sunday 1st April - Security on site (gates are locked at night prior to this date)
Wednesday 13 to Tuesday 26 March - Tickets can be picked up from the site Office and exhibitors must sign induction form.
Tuesday 26 March - Exhibitors must have completed site set up by 6:00pm
27 - 29 March 2019 - South Island Agricultural Field Days - Gates open to the public at 8:00am
Friday 5 April 2019 - All equipment must have been removed from the property unless by prior arrangement.


All extras that were ordered have now been sent if requested, otherwise they will be waiting for pick up from the site office during set up. If you need to order extra tickets at the exhibitors rate, please click on this link.
For those of you that only want your allocated tickets (no extras) these will be available for collection from the site office from Wednesday 13th March. If you specifically want them posted out please email me. There is a $5 charge for this.


Wheelie bins and portaloos will be dotted around the site. Please note you cannot order your own portaloos and rubbish providers as we cannot allow them to drive on site to service them.  If you have specific needs or requests, please email me.


Moveable Feasts and Stu's Smokin BBQ are are on-site caterers during the event. They will be on site from 11-2pm on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March during set up for lunch and coffee.
Details on how to order food directly to your site during SIAFD will be sent next week.


Please note that you can drive onto your site during the event (27-29 March), if you are in the gates by 7:30am, and cannot leave the site before 5pm. Any car not parked within their site boundaries will be removed.

There are no exhibitors car park or car passes as each exhibitor will park in a different area depending what gate they are close to.


Marquees over 100m2 and structure exemptions should have been submitted by now.
The Programme is now at the printers, so no changes can be made.
Any more questions? Check the Exhibitors Handbook in the first instance.
Most up to date site map can be found here.
See you all in the next couple of weeks!

Full site map now released

We now have confirmed 630 exhibitors covering over 20ha of land.

Click here to view the 2019 site map, plus the Covered Sites map, and Lifestyle Section map.

Click on the link to see the 2019 Exhibitor list (as at 2 March) 

Health & Safety Documents

Please find the relevant Health & Safety documents for the 2019 South Island Agricultural Field Days below: Can you please read this documentation and pass it onto all of your staff and contractors attending  SIAFD 2019.

Please fill out and send the Contractor Pre-qualification (CPQ) form back to SIAFD by Monday 11th March. Failure to do so will prohibit you being able to set up your site.
When you or your contractors first arrive on site, please get them to report to the site office for your site location and Health & Safety induction.

Last remaining sites at SIAFD 2019

There are less than 10 sites available at SIAFD 2019.

There is a waiting list for covered sites and quarter sites.
  • Full sites: L11, L16, 191, 339, 390, 591 are $750 +GST
  • Half sites: 24, 25, 26 are $450+GST
View available sites on a site map

Power = $400+GST
Continuous water = $100+GST
To book, please click here

SIAFD Exhibitors tickets

The following is the complimentary ticket allocation you receive with your site(s).

(please note subletters do not get any tickets)
1 day-pass ticket per person per day.
Site Size Day Pass Allocation
Covered Site (per site) 3
Quarter Site 3
Half Site 6
Full Site x1 9
Additional Full sites will be allocated 3 extra tickets per site.
Full Site x 2 12
Full Site x 3 15
Full Site x 4 18
Full Site x 5 21
Full Site x 6 24
Full Site x 7 27
Full Site x 8 30
If you require more than your allocated amount, you can order them via our ticket form at the discounted Exhibitors rate of $10 (RRP $20)
There is the option to post them or collect them from the office during set up. We will not send tickets out before payment is received.
And for those of you that haven't seen it yet, our Exhibitors Handbook can be found here.

Friendly Reminder! Advertising Deadline January 31st

When you initially applied for your site via our website, you may have indicated that you wanted to advertise in the 2019 SIAFD Programme.
We have since upgraded our system and if this is still applicable we ask that you could please fill out this simple form so we have all the advertising on one database.
Unfortunately we have very limited space left and are operating on a first in first served basis. All submissions need to be in before January 31st 2019.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

SIAFD 2019 Exhibitors' Handbook

SIAFD 2019: Marquee and equipment price lists

Please find attached price lists from:  Please contact them directly to book marquees or equipment.

SIAFD 2019 Update from November 2019

While things may have gone quiet from us, believe me we are working hard behind the scenes. We are working through and checking all the applications manually to ensure we have them correct from the start, then invoicing after that.
At the Kirwee site we are about to start our electricity upgrade to bring the power down the poles to permanent power boxes. This will save alot of time on set up. You can read our latest press release here.
I am getting a few enquiries from exhibitors wanting to know their site numbers. We have met with Farmlands and are in the process of confirming their site requirements. Once that is confirmed, and applications have closed we then put the large sites (10 sites+) into position. Those that are demonstrating machinery have to be placed near the demo area for ease of moving machinery.
After that we allocate the next biggest sites (6-10 sites) and after that we allocate sites according to industry. While 90% of you have requested corner sites, please don't be disappointed if you don't get one as we don't have enough corners, and we generally allocate these for those exhibitors that have sponsored or supported us.
This whole allocation process is run by a small group of volunteers who have to meet at night to get it done, so please be patient. We are on track to release this on the 10th December.
Once we have allocated we will email you a site map indicating where you are and an exhibitor list so you can see who your neighbours are.

Any correspondence regarding your site allocation needs to be EMAILED to as I have to forward to the allocation committee. Please do not ring in the first instance.
A reminder that if you are planning on erecting any structure, or a marquee over 100m2, you will need to pay SIAFD a consent fee of $300 + GST. This is to cover the blanket exemption that we have got through the Selwyn District Council. So please don't pay any consent fees to your marquee hire company. More information will be sent to you nearer the time.
Our website has had a facelift and we will keep updating it, so please keep an eye on this for further information.

Also like our Facebook Page: South Island Agricultural Field Days for updates.

Friends of SIAFD

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The SIAFD is a story of success. It has been the result of hard work by young farmers since 1951. About 175 members have served on the organising committee and several hundred others have worked during the field days providing the hands on approach needed to prepare for and run successful events.
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